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Supplements for women's wellness, natural cosmetics for the daily hygiene of the whole family ed household eco detergents to take care of your home in a natural way

Innovation, effectiveness, quality and safety are the guidelines we follow for the development of all our products. 100% made in Italy.
We decided to create products that simplify the moments of frenzy to leave more space and more time to the things that make us happy.
All the products have been formulated giving priority to the ingredients of natural origin and to their bioavailability. Their cheerful and colorful packaging reflects all the fantastic colors that nature gives us.

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Acerola is known as the "Barbados cherry” and is a climbing shrub typical of Central and South America. Its fruits are used to produce an extract that is extremely rich in vitamin C. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for stimulating the body's natural defences. It also performs an antioxidant a
From the cold pressing of cotton seeds and after a process of refinement, you obtain an oil rich in tocopherol, the vitamin E, which has exceptional antioxidant properties. This delicate, easily-absorbed oil hydrates, regenerates and elasticises skin tissues, making it ideal for adults and children.
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