50 plus Women's Rhythm dietary supplement for menopause by Goovi
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50 plus women's rhythm food supplement

50 plus women's rhythm food supplement

age is just a number

40 tablets: 20 morning + 20 evening

Everyday support during menopause. It contributes to soothing symptoms typical of menopause and supports the muscular, hormonal and bone systems.

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Food supplement based on vegetable extracts, vitamins, selenium and zinc, with lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q10, tryptophan and N-acetylcysteine. Developed to meet the physiologic needs of women in the pre-menopausal and menopausal period, it's the original supplement with two different tablets specifically for the morning and evening. Designed to provide support for the day's rhythm and suitable night-time recovery. Beneficial for the hormonal, muscular and skeletal systems and for a good mood. Components that operate in synergy to help protect cells from oxidative stress include riboflavin, vitamin C and selenium; Clover leaves, which help fight the ailments of menopause.
Gluten free – Lactose free
Ingredients morning tablet:

​thickening agent: cellulose; Ester-C® calcium ascorbate threonate (vitamin C), clover (Trifolium pratense L.) parts above ground with flowers dry extract titrated at 40% isoflavones, alpha lipoic acid, ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.) dry extract titrated at 24% flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones, coenzyme Q10 (coenzyme Q10, stabilising agents: hydroxypropyl cellulose, sucrose esters of fatty acids), nicotinamide (niacin), anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; L-selenomethionine, calcium-D-pantothenate (pantothenic acid), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), pteroil-mono-glutamic acid (folic acid), D-biotin.
Ingredients evening tablet:

L-tryptophan, thickening agent: cellulose; passiflora (Passiflora incarnata L.) parts above ground dry extract titrated at 2% total flavonoids expressed as vitexin, N-acetylcysteine, microencapsulated (N-acetylcysteine, anti-caking agent: talc; coating agents: shellac, silicon dioxide; emulsifier: hydroxypropyl cellulose)], Vitamin K (menaquinone), D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), zinc bisglycinate, stabilising agent: cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose; Anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; vitamin D (cholecalciferol/D3, ergocalciferol/D2). Ester-C® è a registered trademark of The Ester-C Company.
average values MORNING tablet
average values per 1 tablet %DRI*
Lipoic acid 100 mg  
Clover dry extract 100 mg  
     - of which isoflavones 40 mg  
Ginkgo dry extract 50 mg  
     - of which flavone glycosides 12 mg  
     - of which terpene lactones 3 mg  
Coenzyme Q10 5 mg  
Vitamin C 80 mg


Thiamin (vitamin B1) 1.1 mg 100%
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 1.4 mg 100%
Niacin 16 mg 100%
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg 100%
Folic acid 200 μg 100%
Vitamin B12 2.5 μg 100%
Biotin 50 μg 100%
Pantothenic acid 6.0 mg 100%
Selenium 55 μg 100%

*DRI = Daily Reference Intakes (adults) - Reg. (EU) No 1169/2011

Average contents EVENING tablet
Average contents For 1 tablet %DRI*
L-Tryptophan 150 mg  
Passiflora dry extract 100 mg  
     - of which total flavonoids expressed as vitexin 2 mg  
N-Acetylcysteine 50 mg  
Vitamin E 12 mg 100%
Vitamin K 75 μg 100%
Vitamin D 5 μg 100%
Zinc 10 mg 100%

*DRI = Daily Reference Intakes (adults) - Reg. (EU) No 1169/2011

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE: 1 MORNING tablet at the start of the day and 1 EVENING tablet after dinner.

WARNINGS: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are being treated with hypoglycaemic compounds and are taking anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors, consult a physician before using the product. We advise against using the product during pregnancy and when nursing. Do not administer to children under three years of age.
STORE in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to localised heat sources and sunlight. The date of minimum durability refers to the product in its unopened packaging.

key natural ingredients

red clover

Red clover is the source of the most harmonious natural phytoestrogen; the vegetable hormones (phytohormones) extracted from this plant are a valid support for the oestrogen shortage that is typical of the climacteric (premenopause and menopause) strengthening the bones, skin and mucosa.


Passiflora, whose name means "passion flower", is a climbing plant native to America. It benefits the body by improving the recovery of the nervous system thanks to the sedative action of its flavonoids.


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