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body wash + body lotion

body wash + body lotion

well-being & relax


Let yourself be enveloped by the warm notes of vanilla shea for a moment of well-being and relax.

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Wrap your skin with the warm Shea Vanilla notes of our two products:
  1. take me to the bath body wash with Moringa extract and Pansy to cleanse your skin
  2. if skin could smile body lotion with fermented Agave extract and Argan Oil. The fresh, light texture will leave your skin velvety and silky for 24 hours.

key natural ingredients

fermented olive leaf extract

Olive leaves provide several benefits for the body. They contain numerous functional substances and phytochemicals made bioavailable through fermentation. These substances help increase the skin's defences against the external environment and boost its ability to neutralise free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. They also have astringent and antiseptic properties.

viola tricolor extract

Viola tricolor symbolises love and a calm spirit, a reference to balance and relaxation. The hydrolysed extract, which abounds in rutin, mucilage and salicylic acid, improves the synthesis of aquaporin 3, the protein responsible for the transport of water and hyaluronic acid. Overall, it improves the barrier effect by helping the skin actively maintain the right structure and level of moisture.

argan oil

Oil is obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree, also known as the "tree of life", by pressing. This precious oil has elasticising, invigorating and moisturising properties. In combination with Linseed oil it makes hair easy to comb.

hydrolysed green walnut extract

Green walnut has elevated nutritional properties.The intermediate phase of development is one in which the fruit has not yet produced the hard shell. The hydrolysis of the pulp makes numerous substances bioavailable. Phenols, in particular, bind to proteins like keratin, strengthening its structure and making hair shiny and resistant, improving the ability to fight oxidants.

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