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body wash + body lotion

body wash + body lotion

energy & relax


The positive energy of nature on your skin provided by the natural ingredients and the citrus scent.

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Energise your skin with our two natural products:
  1. take me to the bath body wash with Moringa extract, Pomegranate and Orange Blossom to cleanse your skin daily
  2. if skin could smile body lotion with fermented Agave extract and Argan Oil. The fresh, light texture will leave your skin soft and revitalised for 24 hours.

key natural ingredients

moringa extract

The Moringa tree is also known as the "miracle tree". It lives in very arid conditions and can regenerate itself from a few root fragments. It's rich in vitamin C, carotene, iron and potassium. Thanks to its cleansing and detoxifying properties it is used in rinsing products to help keep fine particles from clinging to skin and hair. ​Moreover, in moisturize products, it has a strong antioxidant action thanks to the hight amount of isothiocyanates contained.

pomegranate and orange blossom extracts

Pomegranate is the fruit of love and happiness. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C, which contributes to the formation of collagen, pomegranate is an essential anti-ageing ingredient capable of favouring cellular regeneration and skin repair.
​In combination with Orange Blossom it helps strengthen the skin barrier.

fermented agave extract

The agave is a plant native to Central America. Fermentation helps extract all of its properties and increase their bioavailability: hydrates, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens and protects the skin barrier from harmful weather conditions. The tea can be used to create a compress and help soothe local irritation to the skin and eyes.

argan oil

Oil is obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree, also known as the "tree of life", by pressing. This precious oil has elasticising, invigorating and moisturising properties. In combination with Linseed oil it makes hair easy to comb.

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