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Breakfast mix + herbal infusion + omega

Breakfast mix + herbal infusion + omega

An explosive breakfast


Our key products to enjoy a super breakfast, charge up on energy and have a light-hearted day.

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The products found in this set are:
  1. A 100% natural mix of seeds, goji berries, buckwheat and apple fibre for a balanced and regenerative breakfast. Start the day on the right foot, beginning with a good breakfast.
  2. My gold elixir with prebiotic inulin and camomile to help reduce bloating, refreshing the intestine and helping bring balance to the intestinal flora. To be taken as a herbal infusion, it's a real pick-me-up for digestion and for a healthy intestine.
  3. Omega, omega, omega! To awaken your metabolism every day, preserving the skin's moisture and helping it glow.

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