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fresh, clean scent

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fresh, clean scent | set

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The entire family's clothing will smell fresh and clean with our two natural eco-detergents made with orange and lemon essential oils:
  1. fresh laundry laundry detergent gently sanitises, removing stains and odours from the entire family's laundry, including that of newborns and children. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  2. ciao, bye, adios fabric stain-remover effectively removes even grease and protein stains
Natural sanitising and stain-removing spray for fabric
Say goodbye to the most stubborn stains with our pre-treatment stain removal spray for fabrics, with 98.8% ingredients of natural origin. Natural and effective action even against fat and protein stains (e.g.: chocolate, milk, etc.). With Sweet Orange and Lemon essential oils.
Naturally sanitising laundry detergent
Fresh, clean laundry with our laundry detergent, with 99% ingredients of natural origin. Sanitises delicately and removes stains and smells from the family's laundry. Dermatologically tested, this liquid detergent is ideal for even the most sensitive skin and when doing laundry for infants and children. Scented with Sweet Orange and Lemon essential oils for fresh, clean clothes.
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