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give your body balance
give your body balance
give your body balance
give your body balance
give your body balance

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give your body balance | gift idea

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Omega, omega, omega! is a natural source of energy and it's 100% vegetarian. It boosts metabolism and regenerates nerve cells.This supplement offers a balanced ratio of omega 3, 6, 9 through a mix of hemp seed oils and amaranthus seed extract, whose properties foster radiant skin that retains moisture. It can be taken as a drink or added to yoghurt, ricotta cheese, bread or your favourite condiment. my gold elixir is a supplement that you drink like a tasty infusion. It contains prebiotic inulin, dehydrated baobab fruit pulp and camomile. A genuine daily “elixir”, it resets the intestine and helps balance the intestinal flora, enabling relaxation and digestion.
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Prebiotic tea dietary supplement
Dietary supplement based on Inulin, dehydrated Baobab fruit pulp and highly concentrated Camomile extract (6:1 ratio)*. Provided as a soluble powder to be dissolved in hot water, it makes a delicious tea, and can be taken either hot or cold. Product indicated as a daily “elixir”: refreshes the intestine and helps balance the intestinal flora thanks to prebiotic Inulin; the dehydrated Baobab fruit pulp provides support and acts as a reconstituent; the Camomile extract helps encourage relaxation, digestion and the elimination of gases.
Thanks to its original formulation, this is a “tea of high value” for the female body.
Gluten free - Lactose free - Suitable for vegans.
* 1 kg of dry extract is obtained from 6 kg of fresh flowers.
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