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hand soap + washing up liquid (X2)

hand soap + washing up liquid (X2)

Wash your hands and more

hand soap + washing up liquid (X2)

Your secret weapons for cleaning dishes and your hands with a natural, effective and delicate action.

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The set comprises: 
1. The Hand soap In Good Hands contains 99.5% ingredients of natural origin , with elderberry active water extract and essential oils of orange, cedar and mint, leaving your hands pleasantly fresh and clean whilst respecting the skin's hydrolipidic film.
2. The delicate washing up liquid Let's eat again, which is ideal even for the most sensitive skin, contains 98% ingredients of natural origin. It effectively and naturally cleans and removes grime from the family's tableware.

key natural ingredients


The essential oil obtained from Mint is excellent for fighting stress. When inhaled it has refreshing and regenerative effects and is effective in boosting concentration. Mint is also considered a veritable natural tonifier that makes skin more vigorous and elastic as well as naturally moisturised.


Lemon is a citrus fruit that benefits the skin in several ways: it cleanses, increases tone and detoxifies. It is particularly useful for fighting cellulitis, naturally eliminating acne and helping with oily skin. Lemon also stimulates lymphatic and venous circulation and strengthens blood vessels. In aromatherapy, the essential oils obtained from lemons are used to soothe the mind and boost concentration.

sweet orange

The Sweet Orange is the fruit of the orange tree. The essential oil is obtained by cold pressing the outer peel of the fruit when it is almost ripe. Thanks to its properties it is suitable for a variety of cosmetic treatments: it is an excellent tonic for the skin, helps fight cellulitis and helps cleanse the skin. In addition, it has a positive effect on our mood, helping fight stress and encourage relaxation.


Elderberry active water, obtained by macerating select berries in water, abounds in antioxidants and antibacterial substances. It is also ideal for treating impure and sensitive skin, helping reinforce the skin's protective barrier.

The Elderberry juice concentrate works from the inside and has a diuretic action favouring the drainage of body fluids.

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