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totally natural energy for your skin

well-being for your skin

totally natural energy for your skin | set

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Wrap your skin with the warm Shea Vanilla notes of our two products:
  1. take me to the bath body wash with Moringa extract and Pansy to cleanse your skin
  2. if skin could smile body lotion with fermented Agave extract and Argan Oil. The fresh, light texture will leave your skin velvety and silky for 24 hours.
Body lotion
Let your skin smile thanks to our moisturising body lotion, with 98.5% ingredients of natural origin. A light, fresh texture for skin that's protected and silky thanks to fermented Olive Leaf extract and Argan oil. The essential oils, combined with warm notes of vanilla and shea, will give you a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Bubble bath
Bathe in well-being with our body wash, with 99.1% ingredients of natural origin. Cleans, purifies and preserves the moisture of even the most sensitive skin thanks to Moringa and Viola tricolor extracts. This body wash, designed for the whole family, uses vegetable-derived surfactants that don't harm the hydro-lipid film. The essential oils, combined with warm notes of shea and vanilla, are perfect for a daily moment of well-being.
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