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Protection, innovation, maximum comfort and sustainability. Mask with reusable filter that protects you for at least 150-200 hours. Not only does the exclusive BioLayer™ trap contaminants, but it also sanitizes itself by preventing them from proliferating inside the mask between one use and another. The super-comfortable seamless cover is made with Econyl® regenerated nylon from recycled plastic from the ocean floor.

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U-mask is a CE medical device designed to limit infection among people, thus preventing the spread of viruses.
U-Mask's interchangeable filter includes an innovative BioLayer™ developed by researchers at U-Earth Biotech. It not only traps contaminants, but it also sanitizes itself by destroying them inside the filter and preventing them from proliferating in the mask between one use and another. BioLayer™ greatly limits the risk of transmitting pathogens between humans and is able to maintain its efficacy in combating the spread of bacteria and microbes over time. The technology has been designed using a natural active ingredient that is fixed on a layer of filtering fabric using a proprietary procedure.
A reusable mask is more sustainable than conventional disposable masks.
U-mask x Goovi masks are even more sustainable! The cover of the masks is made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon from recycled plastic found in the depths of the oceans.
Thanks to its design and material, U-Mask is like a second skin: it leaves no marks on the nose and cheeks and does not irritate the area behind the ears. It is thin, elastic, seamless and breathable. These are all features that ensure a more comfortable use.
The reusable filter consists of hypoallergenic layers of high-tech and nano-filtration non-woven fabric featuring the exclusive BioLayer™.
The filter is active for up to 150-200 hours of effective respiratory use.
The external part of your U-mask Model two is made of Econyl®, a fabric similar to the one used for swimwear. For this reason it can be washed either by hand or in the washing machine (max 40°) using, if desired, a sanitizing additive. Do not tumble dry.
The interchangeable filter lasts up to 200 hours of actual use. It cannot be immersed in water and therefore has to be removed when the cover is washed. It is possible, if necessary, to clean the inside of the Refill only use a wipe or a humidified cloth to remove any makeup or sweat. Between one use and another let dry from breath humidity in open air, and then store on its own or with the cover, inside the larger bag of the original packaging.

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