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our history

"Happiness can be found in moments, instants, but above all in the eyes through which you see the world."


who we are

Goovi is born from the combination of natural ingredients with the Good Vibes philosophy.
That's why Goovi is:
Good: good just like the quality of our products and the impact they have on people's lives.
Easy: Goovi makes your day easier so that you have more room and time for what makes you happy.
​Natural: close to nature in every way, from our ingredients to the colours of our packaging.

what we do

Your weIl-being is what we care about most. We want to be by your side and be sure you get your daily dose of good vibes and self-love. We believe that taking care of oneself and one's body is the greatest act of love we can do for ourselves. This is why well-being, to Goovi, is the result of a holistic journey that acts from the inside, through our supplements, and from the outside, through our skincare, bodycare and make-up products. An easy path that's accessible to everyone and that comprises products rich in natural ingredients selected for their quality and effectiveness, clean formulas and a good deal of joy for life.