The story of Goovi
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our history

"I’ve always wanted family products that make my everyday life easier and healthier; safe products that can be trusted, but that are also fun, which is an important part of my life."


who we are

Goovi is born from the combination of natural ingredients with the Good Vibes philosophy.
That's why Goovi is:
Good: Innovation, effectiveness, quality and safety are the guidelines we follow for the development of all our products. 100% made in Italy.
Easy: We decided to create products that simplify the moments of frenzy to leave more space and more time to the things that make us happy.
​Natural: All the products have been formulated giving priority to the ingredients of natural origin and to their bioavailability. Their cheerful and colorful packaging reflects all the fantastic colors that nature gives us.

what we believe

Positively good, surprisingly natural. Goovi is a brand that celebrates positivity and fun. It has been designed for mothers always on the move, a reference point for their exuberant families and women looking for the right balance between the protection of their loved ones and the achievement of their personal goals.
Goovi takes care of the whole family with a range of products that, already from their colorful appearance, convey enthusiasm for personal care, home care and women well-being.
​All formulations are natural, effective and safe, to help you go about your day with a smile!