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make up
The new make-up range designed to help you express the world you have inside, with easy to use products that enable us to be every shade of ourselves, always. If there are days when we feel so good in our skin that a sweep of moisturiser is all we need, and others when a touch of colour, applied with the right intent, speaks more than a thousand words, there are also days when we want to give voice to all those emotions that are stirring in our hearts, and make our feelings clear on the outside. Happy. Shy, Confident, Angry. Superpower!
We have created two compact, portable eye palettes: EVERYDAY ME, with a range of versatile natural shades to create looks that are perfect for every occasion, and FEEL SPECIAL, a collection of warm, super-trendy colours for the most sparkling looks! Our eyeshadows are made according to an innovative formula that combines the benefits of a serum with the wear and performance of a powdered eye shadow. This magic is called hybrid technology! The revolutionary texture of these eyeshadows lends a surprising touch, for extremely pure, intense bright colour which allows you to create perfect blended shades.