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goovi natural cosmetic
Products designed for the everyday hygiene of the whole family, with up to 99.5% ingredients of natural origin and effective formulations. Entirely produced in Italy. Goovi natural cosmetics are official bearers of good vibes. They release colour and positivity, to face the day with a pinch of cheerful and light-heartedness. All our natural cosmetics are good in quality and values ​​but above all also suitable for children because they are formulated with delicate ingredients and a high safety profile. Natural products that smell good as well, thanks to the use of essential oils: relax with the sweet and delicate Shea and Vanilla variant or be energised by Sweet Orange. A range of products ranging from hair care to well-being for the body and including hand soaps, intimate hygiene and even our multi-purpose wipes, which are ideal and practical anywhere, made of biodegradable fabric. Because that's what goovi is: safe, effective products, suitable for vegans, not tested on animals, nickel and 1.4-dioxane tested and, above all, designed for the whole family!
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