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Goovi Gift Card

Gift Good Vibes has never been so easy!
  1. Choose the amount from 35€ to 100€
  2.  Write your message
  3. The Gift Card will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you
  4. Let the online shopping begin!
1. Choose the card’s amount
2. Choose the design
3. Write your message

How does it works?

  • How can you buy and use the gift card? 
    Directly here, on the website. In order to purchase it you need to have an account. The gift card can only be used for online purchases on goovi.com
  • Can you buy more than one gift card?
    Sure! Good Vibes have no limits. You can buy it for yourself but above all you can give them to the people you love!
  • Does the gift card expire?
    Yes. It has a validity of 12 months from the date of purchase. Every card can be used for multiple purchases, until the credit runs out.
  • Is it possible to recharge the gift card? 
    No. Once the credit runs out, the card is automatically disabled.
  • What happen in case of refunding of an order paid with the gift card?
    In case you have to make a return of totally or partial products paid with one or more gift card, the refund will be made creating a new gift card.
  • Is it possible to exercise the right of withdrawal of a gift card?
    You have the right of withdrawal the purchase contract of a gift card without any penalties, within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days of the purchase of the relative gift card. It is expressly excluded and it wont be possible to exercise the right of withdrawal in case of a gift card which has been partially or totally used for purchase products.